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Vanguard Management manages and administers the day-to-day and ongoing responsibilities of the Association through the designation of a number of specialized support personnel.  Each staff member possesses expertise in some or all of the critical association management functions.  Each function's main purposes and actions are detailed below:

Management & Site Supervision

  • Plan and administer quarterly Board meetings including agenda and pertinent material preparation, taking of minutes and distribution to Board Members and timely mailing and notice distribution to all Owners.

  • Oversee day-to-day activites of the Association and interact with Board Members, committees, owners, accounting personnel and professional advisors including legal, financial and architectural.

  • Advise Board when bids are needed for various services, prepare the scope of work for bids, locate competent contractors for bid submission and review all bids for necessary information and prepare report for Board analysis and decision.

  • Oversee activities of all Association contractors: report progress and needs to the Board as well as assist in evaluating performance.

Financial & Budget Services


  • Assess and collect dues from Owners on a periodic (monthly or quarterly) basis as directed by the Board and the governing documents.  

  • Maintain the Association operating and reserve accounts, processing all accounts receivable on a monthly basis; assess late charges and special assessments as necessary. 

  • Prepare and administer all Association payables.

  • Reconcile Association operating and reserve accounts monthly and prepare a  comprehensive monthly financial statement including balance sheet and income statement.  

  • Prepare and administer annual operating budgets.

  • Supervise all collection processes. 

Common Area Maintenance Oversight & Support


  • Tour maintained areas on a regular, scheduled basis with all support contractors to evaluate performance and identify current and future maintenance and improvement needs.

  • Prepare and maintain a list of ongoing action items and oversee the successful completion of these items by the respective contractors.

  • Apprise Board of landscaping and common area needs, issues and problems and secure necessary bids and cost quotations for repairs and improvements as needed.

  • Assist the Board to prepare and solicit competitive proposals for the landscape and other common area services contracts.

CC&R Enforcement & Procedures

  • Regularly tour each association to monitor and ensure compliance with all Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions of the governing documents.

  • Notify responsible parties of issues and violations, and administer the Association's established Rules & Regulations and procedures to resolve.  

  • Administer the Association's architectural review policy to ensure consistency of development and modifications.

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