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Vanguard Management was established in 1998 to respond to the emerging demand for association management of master-planned commercial and industrial common interest developments.  Traditionally, these business developments had one or a few owners and multiple tenants; the management role emphasized tenant support, leasing and the maintenance/upkeep of the internal physical plant of the properties.  With the advent of planned commercial/industrial developments, developers plan, build and sell the properties to owners. These owners develop/own their respective buildings and lots within established guidelines and share the value and upkeep of common areas intended to support and enhance their investment.  Consequently, the management role shifts to a focus on owner support, CC&R enforcement, financial management and common area preservation and enhancement - essentially, managing a common interest corporation rather than just an asset.

Vanguard Management recognized this evolution in commercial property ownership and development and realized it would lead to a pressing need for professional management of commercial owners associations. Principal and Senior Association Manager, John Calhoun, assembled a team of professionals to serve the needs of the growing commercial/industrial arena.  With association managers supported by our administrative and accounting group, Vanguard offers a complete team approach for strategic growth and operational management.  Our team is well-positioned to professionally manage the planned commercial development of today and the future.


"To provide the most comprehensive and professional management services for planned commercial developments through our commitment to constant improvement, open communication, fiscal integrity and preservation of asset value."

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